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If Zoro gets lost

Zoro is prone to getting lost even if he is told to stand in one place. There was a scene where he was going in one direction only and still ended getting lost.

Other members make fun out of him so it became a running gag in One Piece. Even Luffy made fun out of Zoro.

Were you disappointed?

Luffy and the others couldn’t believe that there was a real ninja. They had various images in their mind and were curious.

But after they saw what Raizo looked like, they were all disappointed. Even Law, who wasnot interested, looked let down. What do you think about Raizo? Does he look like a ninja?

Will he be in the crew one day?

Do you remember Bon? The one person who respects Luffy and saved him many times.

He seems like a goofy person and like someone who is never ready for danger, but he actually gave his life in order to let Luffy escape and he ended up being in prison, but he might appear again soon.

How powerful is she?

Is Nami powerful? She can use her clima tact to attack a great number of enemies with thunder and storm, but without it, she would be unable to do anything.

Her talent is using a compas and finding land, as well as being a navigator, but her fighting skills are not great.

Have you noticed this?

Robin is usually the calm one. She is older than many members and thinks carefully about each and every situation.

When all were impressed with the Franky Shogun, only Nami and Robin were not interested. But Robin still does care about everyone and shows her palms up for her friends.

Merry or Sunny?

It is actually the same spirit in two different ships. One was given as a present at the beginning of the adventure and the other was a gift from Franky as a sign of gratitude.

They are both amazing ships and small when compared to other ships in One Piece, but they are better and mean more to the members.

What if he managed to save Ace?

What would have happened if Luffy managed to save Ace? Would Whitebeard die? Or would they make an alliance with the Straw hats?

Would they ever find out about Sabo? Would they make a new crew called ASL? Oda has planned all of it from the beginning and Ace was nowhere to find in the plot.

Respect for Zoro

Zoro almost gave his life to save his frinds, only Brook saw what happened. Sanji saw Zoro covered in blood and was shocked, but understood that he saved them all.

What would have happened if Sanji was on Zoro’s place? I think Sanji would have done the same. Do you agree?

Who is stronger?

Is Luffy stronger that Brugess? Is Luffy able to fight Blackbeard and his crew with his current level of power? He had even some trouble with Big Mom’s crew.

Will there be another time skip where Luffy will be trained by someone new? Or is he able to defeat everyone?

Are they same?

Gol D Roger chose Rayleigh for his first mate, we still don’t know why and all the details about their adventures, but many compare them to Luffy and Zoro. Luffy chose Zoro on a whim and has not regretted it yet.

Did they see something special in them? Luffy saw how kind Zoro was after eating the food from the ground, was that what made Luffy choose Zoro?