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Will Luffy save Momonosuke?

Momonosuke is a child who traveled with the straw hats and looked like any other plain character, but it was revealed that he is the hair to the Wano Kingdom.

He asked Luffy for help, because Kaido killed his father and took over the entire Wano Kingdom. Luffy accepted and we will hopefully see that this year.

Friend or foe?

We all know that Luffy and Coby are great friends and that they respect each other. Luffy saved Coby from Alvida, and it was Coby who tried to stop the war and go against Akainu.

But in the end they stand on two different sides and will eventually fight each other. Do you agree?

When will the meet?

Will Luffy ever meet his father Monkey D Dragon? It was only recently that Luffy first saw what his father looked like. There are no hints as to when Luffy will meet him.

They do have a common goal – to change the world Government, but they have different ways to do that. What do you think?

What is Chopper’s best transformation?

Chopper has many good qualities: he is a doctor, who would heal anyone, be it friend or enemy, he is a great nakama and an amazing fighter.

He has developed a Rumble ball to change his attacking style. What would you say is the best Point so far? Will they be more new transformation?

Who had a better story? Sanji or Robin?

Robin was called a devil child and accused of many crimes, she lost her entire family and all friends and was the only survivor from Ohara.

Sanji was betrayed by his family members and called a failure and is now caught again and treated like trash. But who had a sadder story?

Who else cried?

`When Luffy found out how his crew members disappeared, he was devastated and felt weak and unable to do a thing. He decided that he will grow stronger and change his fate.

He trained with Rayleigh afterwards and became the man we will know as the pirate king. Will there be another time skip or is Luffy strong enough?

Do they look alike?

In every other anime it can clearly be seen that a father and his son look alike, even a little bit.

Their ambitions and behavior are quite the same and they have same physical appearance, but when we look at Luffy and Dragon there is nothing they have in common, except for the will to change the world.

What will happen?

Many fans say that Law is only using Luffy because he saw the potential Luffy holds. But that may not be so, it is more likely that he asked for help just like Nami and the others did.

He will surely help Luffy become the future pirate king. What do you think will happen?

Who had it worse? Garp or Luffy?

Garp was devastated after Ace died, because he was not able to do anything. He could not save him due to his job, but suffered because he was family.

Luffy saw his brother die in front of him and could not deal with that. Who had it worse? Was Garp able to do something?

Rate this cosplay

There are many fans who do cosplay from all anime. There are some amazing ones for One Piece too.

They usually dress up as Luffy, but here we can see Zoro, Sanji and Luffy just like they were dressed for Dressrosa arc. Do you do cosplay? How would you rate this?