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What happened here?

They are an amazing crew, always ready to put their own dreams aside and to help someone. When they arrived on Punk Hazard, they almost froze to death.

It is due to Akainu and Aokiji having a duel on this island. Half of the island is an eternal ice and the other half is lava and fire.

Zoro will never change

Zoro i stubborn and prideful, he only listens to Luffy, so when he was injured, Chopper tried to take care of him, but Zoro can’t stay still so Chopper had to tie him up.

Zoro and Chopper are on good terms and respect each other, just like they respect their other nakama.

Is Nami scary?

Nami is bossy and like every other girl really demanding. She is an amazing navigator but sometimes punches Luffy and makes order.

Only Sanji listens to her every word, while other don’t  pay attention. Luffy always looks beaten up after she punches him. She must look scary to Luffy. What about you?

Who had it worse? Luffy or Marco?

Luffy lost his brother and all his crew members were somewhere fat away taken by Kuma. He didn’t know if they were even alive.

But Marco lost his best friend and his father like figure Whitebeard. Before that he also lost another dear friend and his crew was disbanded.  Who had it worse?

Will Sanji fight Pudding?

Sanji foundout about Pudding’s plan and is crushed and empty inside. He dissed Luffy for that? What will he do now?

He will try to stop this evil doing and may even ruin the ceremony. Big Mom will be pissed and she will attack Sanji for sure. Will he fight or will they escape?

Remember this?

Aokiji is amazing the way he does justice. He wanted to save his friend and he also doesn’t like Shichibukai that much.

Too bad he was defeated by Akainu and had to leave the government. I think Smoker and Aokiji will join forces and together with Coby build a new marine.

How much is Zoro worth?

Zoro felt uneasy when Luffy and the others were talking about getting Sanji back. It is not because he hates Sanji, quite the opposite, they act tsundere but rely on each other.

It was because Luffy said that Sanji is worth a hundred people. Zoro wanted to be praised too, so he did it himself.

Do you like the new cover?

One Piece is printing another amazing volume. It will reveal Sanji’s past and connection to Germa 66. It will also shock many fans because Pudding has some evil plans.

We will cry with Sanji and feel broken inside, but Luffy will patch it all up and this arc will also end amazingly.

Did he change?

Shanks has too little screen time, but he has big influence on many happenings in One Piece. He is one of the yonkou and known to the entire world. He gave Luffy the straw hat and thus the adventures started.

Luffy looks up to him and who wouldn’t? He has amazing fighting skills and his haki is strong.

Did you watch this?

The new made alliance – Luffy, Law, Minks, Ninja and Samurai. They will attack Kaido and give Momonosuk his kingdom back. Kaido killed his parents and took Wano for him.

Luffy and the others will help them, but just because Momonosuke asked so. He did grow up a bit, right? What will happen?