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Luffy is bad in many things

Though his opinions and his ideals were extreme, he displayed a high level of brotherhood with his crew and even towards Nami despite her species divide. Arlong looked after his subordinates and even though he betrayed Nami, he did so because he did not want to lose her talent.

On top of this, in the final moments of the battle with Luffy, he stated that Nami was his crewmate and would be forever, and while he never displayed any regard for her as a friend he was prepared to fight to keep her in the crew. If humans insulted their group, Arlong would react to the insult, and due to the high level of concern amongst his officers they would attempt to keep his temper under control.

Luffy saw his father for the first time

In contrast to other members of his family, or D’s for that matter, he has a stern and serious demeanor. However, he is often seen with a confident grin on his face. The only other D known to share this stern and serious demeamor is Trafalgar D. Water Law, current co-captain alongside Dragon’s son Luffy of the Straw Hat and Heart Pirate Alliance.

He also seems to be concerned about innocent people (possibly seeing the World Government’s oppression towards them), as shown where he willingly rescued the denizens of the Gray Terminal and offered them a position in the Revolutionary Army. He speaks as though he is a mystic of sorts and apparently does not like to speak of, or be asked about, his past. He also has a strange habit of always looking towards the East Blue when the wind changes. His revolutionary comrade Emporio Ivankov attributes this to his instincts, having left Luffy in East Blue.

The strongest man

Hawk Eyes pierces Zoro with his pocket knife and he questions why Zoro he did not step back. Zoro says that all the oaths, promises, and deals he made would be gone if he had stepped back and says that death would have been better.

Mihawk was so impressed by Zoro’s spirit, that he grants him a face-off against the Black Sword. Zoro then performs his strongest technique, Sanzen Sekkai, but Mihawk completely overpowers it and shatters two of his three swords in the process (all but the Wado Ichimonji).

Sabo and Ace

Before departing, he gave Zoro a Vivre Card for Luffy and kept a piece for himself. He then entrusted Luffy’s safety to the Straw Hats before leaving the house, something Zoro found amusing, since Ace had done the same thing two years prior when they met in Alabasta. Sabo then contacted Hack before heading for the harbor on a flock of birds.

The revolutionaries later left Dressrosa and they apparently took all the weapons and evidence relating to the Donquixote Family’s smuggling operation before CP-0 could recover them.

Sanji was shocked

Like all the Straw Hats, he is wanted by the Marines. Fullbody especially has a personal vendetta against him for what happened at the Baratie. However, this has never been taken seriously; Sanji ruins his date with a woman named Moodie when he corrects Fullbody on the type of wine he and his date were consuming.

Fullbody decides to put a fly (Batchee) in his own soup to ruin the restaurant’s reputation and to get back at Sanji. However Sanji’s continuously smug attitude leads Fullbody to smash the table he is sitting at, prompting a fight with Sanji. He is later shown to have lost horribly, being held dangling from his neck and lectured about wasting food. Fullbody, with his ego in tatters, is later shown fleeing the Baratie, post to witnessing the attitude and fighting abilities of the staff after the pirate Gin breaks out of Fullbody’s ship and walks into the restaurant.

Jewelry Bonney

On another island, Jewelry Bonney turns into an old woman and steals a piece of pizza, but turns into a child immediately after, causing the angry shopkeeper to overlook her. Bonney reads the news, saying that she is glad she is in the same generation as Luffy and Law. On a sky island, Urouge is recovering from his wounds as his crewmates tend to him.

Some of them race toward him, revealing that someone is coming. Urouge blows this off, saying that they are on a lonely sky island. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake as large footsteps fall on it, and Urouge watches in shock as a giant man with horns approaches him. On the Big Mom Pirates’ ship, Capone Bege takes note of Luffy and Law’s actions before saying to his crewmates that they would get Caesar Clown back at any cost.

Luffy doesn’t get it

Law does seem to have some doubts about Luffy’s reliability and carefree attitude. When Luffy sent Caesar flying, instead of capturing him, as he was supposed to, Law remarked that he knew he should not have formed an alliance with him and resorted to trying to capture Caesar himself. However, after Luffy put his faith in Usopp and Nami to incapacitate the deranged scientist, which they did, he expressed satisfaction that Luffy upheld his end of their agreement.

Later, he also objected to Luffy’s decision to throw a party instead of leaving Punk Hazard, as he believed they were still vulnerable; though he still reluctantly joins and has stew with Smoker. Though Law indicated that he wished to ‘use’ Luffy when forming the alliance, due to the Straw Hats’ great unpredictability and ambition, the Shichibukai instead feels like the one being used.

Sanji’s wedding

Sometime after the Straw Hat Pirates’ encounter with the Big Mom Pirates off Dressrosa, Big Mom and Sanji’s father arranged a political marriage between Purin and Sanji to unite the bloodlines of the Charlotte and Vinsmoke Families. The wedding will be held at one of Big Mom’s tea parties.

Purin is a young woman with light hair and very large eyes. In the photograph of her that Vito showed Sanji, she wore a dark outfit with a floral pattern on it. What is going to happen. Sanji flipped out from happiness when he saw her picture. Will he be wed? Or will Luffy stop all that?

Luffy deserved a long sleep

As the news of Doflamingo’s defeat spreads across the world, a king of a country states that with this event, they no longer had access to weapons, and that they would have to surrender. White flags go up, and on the sea, a pirate crew also laments their access to weapons ending.

One pirate decides to go to Dressrosa and get them himself, but is reminded that a Marine Admiral is still there. Meanwhile, a gang laments that their access to SMILE has been cut off, and they stab the newspaper photos of Luffy and Law in anger. Somewhere at sea, Tsuru converses with a Marine Inspector General about Doflamingo’s defeat, and the Inspector General offers her okaki.

Remember this?

Hatchan was originally an enemy of the Straw Hats when they fought against Arlong for Nami’s sake. During that time, he bore a grudge against Zoro for tricking him, and volunteered to fight him himself. The newer members of the crew (Chopper, Franky, Robin and Brook), are unaware of what happened, though, until Usopp explained it.

He managed to befriend the Straw Hat Pirates after they saved him while he was held hostage by the Flying Fish Riders, despite being one of their old enemies. After that, Hatchan has been on friendly terms with them, serving them takoyaki and guiding them throughout Saboady Archipelago.