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Which will happen first?

Luffy is aiming to become the next pirate king and to crush the current world government, because it is not rightful. Zoro is aiming to become the world’s best swordsman, because of his promise with Kuina.

There may be something more, but it was not yet revealed. Which will happen first?

Does Luffy hate anything more than this?

Luffy has a strong sense of respect and friendship. He does not care when he is suffering, just like he is now starving on Big Mom’s island.

But he is concerned about Sanji and wants to help him. Luffy puts the lives of others in front of his own. He will never allow anyone to harm his friends.

Will we see Dadan again?

Curly Dadan was the one who took care of Luffy, Ace and later Sabo. She was a bandit and had her small crew, but they were all nice and watched over Luffy.

When he decided to go on a adventure, Dadan was hiding her tears, but she was proud and sad at the same time.

What did Garp think?

When Garp saw that Luffy came to rescue his brother Ace, he must have felt insecure. Not only is he going to lose Ace, but might even lose Luffy, because he is also a wonted criminal.

Garp could not help them,  but deep down we could see him suffer. If only he abandoned his title as a marine…

What did he do?

Do you remember the scene when Luffy said that he kept the squid in his pants. He never ceases to amaze us with his ideas and plans.

Luffy may be childish but he is never ignorant or careless. He keeps the gags coming, and in the same time gives us chills with his fights.

Is Nami scary?

Nami is bossy and like every other girl really demanding. She is an amazing navigator but sometimes punches Luffy and makes order.

Only Sanji listens to her every word, while other don’t  pay attention. Luffy always looks beaten up after she punches him. She must look scary to Luffy. What about you?

Do you like the new cover?

One Piece is printing another amazing volume. It will reveal Sanji’s past and connection to Germa 66. It will also shock many fans because Pudding has some evil plans.

We will cry with Sanji and feel broken inside, but Luffy will patch it all up and this arc will also end amazingly.

Did you watch this?

The new made alliance – Luffy, Law, Minks, Ninja and Samurai. They will attack Kaido and give Momonosuk his kingdom back. Kaido killed his parents and took Wano for him.

Luffy and the others will help them, but just because Momonosuke asked so. He did grow up a bit, right? What will happen?

What would you say to Luffy?

Luffy was devastated, crushed and empty inside. He lost his brother and what’s more he protected him and was killed in front of his eyes.

Luffy cried in anguish and couldn’t come to his senses. At that time it was Jinbei who gave him consoling words. What would you say to Luffy?

Don’t hit Luffy!

Ace was always a good and caring brother. He had his own problems, considering the fact that he is Roger’s son, but he never dismissed Luffy or Sabo.

He promised that he will always protect Luffy and did it until his last breath. Now it is up to Sabo to look after Luffy.