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Luffy can rely on them

Luffy can always rely on his crew members. After all they are the people he chose and wanted to be friends with. They are aware that Luffy is their captain and they respect him, but they are also goofy together.

Whenever Luffy is in danger, we can see that no one can even touch him, because his friends stop them.

Why didn’t he kill Luffy?

Kizaru had the chance to kill Luffy, but instead of that, he broke the key of Ace’s handcuffs. Many will say that it is for the plot and I will agree.

If he had killed Luffy at that time, there would be no further need for the story. This was we get to debate and laugh about it.

What will they do?

What will Luffy do for Momonosuke? Will they make a war in order to take back what was taken away from Momonosuke? Will we find out about samurai and how the Poneglyphs were made?

Will they be able to defeat Kaido and save Kidd from his prison? If you have any theories tell us.

Will the beat Kaido?

Luffy and his crew members agreed that they will help Momonosuke get back on throne.

Some even go as far as to say that Robin will teach Momonosuke how to read the ancient writings on the Poneglyps, because his father passed away before he could teach him. What do you think will happen?

Will Luffy get stronger?

It seems that Luffy is now strong enough to defeat any enemy, just like he finished those fake Kuma as if they were nothing.

He even defeated Doflamingo, but Luffy did struggle a bit. He is still not powerful enough to deal with Kaido or Blackbeard. What do you think?

Luffy has a strange family

Luffy ended up having an amazingly wicked family members. Garp is strong and was the leader of marines.

Dragon is the mastermind and leader of the Revolutionary army. Sabo is Dragon’s right hand man and strong on his own. Shanks is a yonkou and all his friends and allies are also strong.

Were you disappointed?

Luffy and the others couldn’t believe that there was a real ninja. They had various images in their mind and were curious.

But after they saw what Raizo looked like, they were all disappointed. Even Law, who wasnot interested, looked let down. What do you think about Raizo? Does he look like a ninja?

What if he managed to save Ace?

What would have happened if Luffy managed to save Ace? Would Whitebeard die? Or would they make an alliance with the Straw hats?

Would they ever find out about Sabo? Would they make a new crew called ASL? Oda has planned all of it from the beginning and Ace was nowhere to find in the plot.

Who is stronger?

Is Luffy stronger that Brugess? Is Luffy able to fight Blackbeard and his crew with his current level of power? He had even some trouble with Big Mom’s crew.

Will there be another time skip where Luffy will be trained by someone new? Or is he able to defeat everyone?