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Shanks or Mihawk?

Who is better? Shanks or Mihawk? Who is stronger? They are actually good friends and are quite alike.

Shanks inspired Luffy and took care of him, while Mihawk saw a worthy successor in Zoro and trained him for two years. These two are often compared and no one knows if Shanks is really stronger or not.

Zoro learned something new

We only found  out about haki during the time Luffy and others were saving Robin. We saw haki in the very first chapter and the first anime episode, but didn’t know what it was.

Now Mihawk explained something new and that is that you can cover your sword in haki and not only your body.

Is he proud?

Mihawk was amazed the first time he met Zoro. He believed that there is a lot of potential in Zoro, because he was ready to protect his friends even though it was obvious that he had no chance.

Mihawk was the one who later on taught Zoro how to fight and is now waiting for him to surpass him.