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Who is the scariest?

When something serious is about to happen, we can always see the straw hats make a serious face. But there was this one scene where they looked scary and determined like never before.

They looked as if they have seen a ghost and are ready to kill. Who looks the scariest?

Is it really like this?

Every One Piece character has something he cares deeply about and something that makes him go freaky.

Luffy always makes heart-shaped eyes when he sees food, and he is filled with joy when he hears that someone is going to prepare a banquet. Sanji is crazy about girls and Zoro only about his swords.

Choose only one scene

There were many amazing scenes in One Piece. Ones thet made you sad and gave you chills, others when you wanted to beat the life out of someone and when you cursed and wanted Luffy to punch them.

There are also many funny moments and many times we wanted the manga to never end.

Which monster trio is better?

Ace and Sabo took care of Luffy, but from time to time Luffy and Ace would get in a fight and Sabo, as the brain of the team, would come between them and make them reasonable.

Now when Sanji and Zoro argue in a serious situation, Luffy makes them stop. He did grow up.

What happened here?

They are an amazing crew, always ready to put their own dreams aside and to help someone. When they arrived on Punk Hazard, they almost froze to death.

It is due to Akainu and Aokiji having a duel on this island. Half of the island is an eternal ice and the other half is lava and fire.

Remember this?

Aokiji is amazing the way he does justice. He wanted to save his friend and he also doesn’t like Shichibukai that much.

Too bad he was defeated by Akainu and had to leave the government. I think Smoker and Aokiji will join forces and together with Coby build a new marine.

Do you like the new cover?

One Piece is printing another amazing volume. It will reveal Sanji’s past and connection to Germa 66. It will also shock many fans because Pudding has some evil plans.

We will cry with Sanji and feel broken inside, but Luffy will patch it all up and this arc will also end amazingly.

Do you agree?

There is a quote in One Piece, that someones death is not important and will not be in vain as long as that person lived a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Ace and Whitebeard will never be forgotten because they made an importance and impact with their lives and actions. Whom will you never forget?

Who cried?

There is only one person who is able to make us cry over an object. Eiichiro Oda managed to make us feel sad after they burned the ship down, he himself said that he too cried.

There were many tragic moments in One Piece, but luckily the spirit of Going Merry resides in Thousand Sunny.

Is this true?

Does Dragon have the biggest influence? Is the the most dangerous person out there in One Piece? He is a figure, a symbol of rebellion and peace.

No one truly knows what he is up to and how he plans on doing it. He will play a major role later in the manga for sure.