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Do they look alike?

In every other anime it can clearly be seen that a father and his son look alike, even a little bit.

Their ambitions and behavior are quite the same and they have same physical appearance, but when we look at Luffy and Dragon there is nothing they have in common, except for the will to change the world.

What will happen?

Many fans say that Law is only using Luffy because he saw the potential Luffy holds. But that may not be so, it is more likely that he asked for help just like Nami and the others did.

He will surely help Luffy become the future pirate king. What do you think will happen?

Who had it worse? Garp or Luffy?

Garp was devastated after Ace died, because he was not able to do anything. He could not save him due to his job, but suffered because he was family.

Luffy saw his brother die in front of him and could not deal with that. Who had it worse? Was Garp able to do something?

Rate this cosplay

There are many fans who do cosplay from all anime. There are some amazing ones for One Piece too.

They usually dress up as Luffy, but here we can see Zoro, Sanji and Luffy just like they were dressed for Dressrosa arc. Do you do cosplay? How would you rate this?

The best scene EVER

Do you remember when they all were eaten by Laboon and found out that there is a man who lives inside of him?

The way they asked for each others names was the best scene in One Piece so far for many fans. The struggle was great but turned to be funny and unforgettable.

Is One Piece your favorite anime?

One Piece is all about the adventure and making friends. They try to do the right thing and help those in trouble on their way to become the best and fulfill their dreams.

It was Luffy who gave them all another reason to live andthat is why they are ready to do anything for Luffy.

Did you know?

Luffy and the others all have their favourite food and those meals they don’t like. You would think that Luffy would eat everything, but that is not quite right.

It is true that his favourite meal is meat and we can notice that in all episodes and chapters. But what is it that he hates?

Do you remember this?

Did you think that Nami was evil at that time? She did act like a villain, but it is just like Sanji is acting now. Nami had great problems and couldn’t save her village.

She had to deliver money and she was still treated as trash. Luckily Luffy saved her and gave her a better life.

Luffy’s logic

Luffy wanted a cook in his crew and was searching for him or her when he encountered Sanji. Sanji was not only a great cook, but also a good friend and an amazing fighter.

That all caught Luffy’s eyes and he invited him to sail together. Now they are in search for All Blue and One Piece together.

Is she dead?

Kuina is Zoro’s childhood friend from a dojo. Her father accepted Zoro and trained him together with other students. Kuina was a girl and therefore could never become the world’s best swordsmaster.

She fell down the stairs one day and died, but her body was never shown. Is there maybe something else?