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Is he the strongest in One Piece?

Shanks had not enough screen time for us to evaluate if he really is the strongest in One Piece. There are many others like Kiado, Dragon, Blackbeard, Big Mom…

Shanks sure does have a very strong haki and he is feared as a swerdsman even after losing one arm. What do you think?

Did he change?

Shanks has too little screen time, but he has big influence on many happenings in One Piece. He is one of the yonkou and known to the entire world. He gave Luffy the straw hat and thus the adventures started.

Luffy looks up to him and who wouldn’t? He has amazing fighting skills and his haki is strong.

Who wore it better?

The Straw hat is the symbol which has been passed down through generations between those who were found worthy of it.

Roger saw great potential in Shanks and that is why he gave him the hat, or did he maybe tell him to find a successor for the pirate king? It is still unknown.

Shanks or Mihawk?

Who is better? Shanks or Mihawk? Who is stronger? They are actually good friends and are quite alike.

Shanks inspired Luffy and took care of him, while Mihawk saw a worthy successor in Zoro and trained him for two years. These two are often compared and no one knows if Shanks is really stronger or not.

Is it his child?

If we connect the dates and Oda’s statement that Makino’s child is also that man’s child… we can conclude that Shanks is the father.

This could lead to an amazing ending, what if Luffy gives the straw hat to Shank’s child and tells him the story about his adventures. What do you think?

Are they alike?

Luffy and Shanks are both great characters and have their own goals. Shanks inspired Luffy to become a pirate and influenced him without even trying to do so.

Shanks gave him the straw hat and placed his trust in his hands. But fans have noticed that they behave alike. Maybe he saw the same thing Roger saw in Shanks.

Why don’t they search for One Piece?

Shanks and Buggy were onthe ship of the famous pirate king Gol D Roger and were his nakama.

They have probably seen Raftel and the great treasure, but why are they not trying to get back to Raftel and claim it? Is it out of respect towards Roger? Or are they interested in something else?

Who is your favourite character from One Piece?

Shanks is the most badass character in One Piece. He stopped even Kaido from going to war. He is willing to do anything for his friends, even if it costs his life.

When Luffy ate the devil fruit and they made fun out of Shanks, Shanks didn’t care, because they were only insulting him, but you know very well what happened when they attacked Luffy.

Are they the strongest in One Piece?

The Shichibukai, Admirals and many more titles in One Piece are given to the strongest. But the Yonkou are the rulers of the sea and are in a run of who wil become the future pirate king.

Where is Luffy in all this? Will he fight all Yonkou? Or will someone else fight Shanks? Is there a possibility that the Yonkou will clash?

Best crew ever!

The Red Hair Pirates are the first pirate crew to appear in the manga series and second to appear (next to the Alvida Pirates) in the animated series One Piece. They are the main influences of both Luffy’s (Shanks inspired Luffy) and Usopp’s (wants to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father Yasopp) journeys.

Twelve years before the present story line, they spent a year in Luffy’s home town and became very good friends with him, which led to him wanting to become part of their crew. However, Shanks told him that he was too weak, which angered him. Shanks was also the one who unintentionally supplied Luffy with his Devil Fruit.