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Would someone else do the same?

While Kuma was fighting Zoro, he saw potential and wanted to test his mentality, loyalty and if he was ready to sacrifice himself in order to save his captain Luffy.

That meant that Zoro was ready to abandon all his dreams and aspirations and give everything to Luffy. All my respect goes to Zoro.

Which will happen first?

Luffy is aiming to become the next pirate king and to crush the current world government, because it is not rightful. Zoro is aiming to become the world’s best swordsman, because of his promise with Kuina.

There may be something more, but it was not yet revealed. Which will happen first?

How strong is Usopp now?

Usopp always seemed as the weakest male part of the Straw hat crew and Oda himself said that Usopp is supposed to represent all fans who are watching an reading One Piece.

We are mere humans and so he wants to prove that even we can become strong like Usopp came to be.

What is Zoro’s best moment?

Zoro had many astonishing moments, both funny and thrilling. He has a running gag of eternally getting lost, but yet he has a job to finish of many strong guys.

He battled Kuma and gave his life for his crew, covered in his own blood he took Luffy’s burden on himself and that may be his best moment so far.

Zoro will never change

Zoro i stubborn and prideful, he only listens to Luffy, so when he was injured, Chopper tried to take care of him, but Zoro can’t stay still so Chopper had to tie him up.

Zoro and Chopper are on good terms and respect each other, just like they respect their other nakama.

How much is Zoro worth?

Zoro felt uneasy when Luffy and the others were talking about getting Sanji back. It is not because he hates Sanji, quite the opposite, they act tsundere but rely on each other.

It was because Luffy said that Sanji is worth a hundred people. Zoro wanted to be praised too, so he did it himself.

Does he?

There was this one funny scene where Sanji cursed and acted like a spoiled brat and they made it look so as if he was speaking in Poneglyph.

Actually it is only Robin who can read it and translate. Those Poneglyph are supposed  to tell the way to Raftel and what had happened in the void.

What would you give them?

Zoro and Sanji are celebrating Christmas and New Year and thy bought each other some amazing and funny gifts.

Zoro is known for being bad in navigation and directions and that is why he got a GPS. Sanji is made fun of because of his eyebrows so he got a kit to fix them.

Luffy can rely on them

Luffy can always rely on his crew members. After all they are the people he chose and wanted to be friends with. They are aware that Luffy is their captain and they respect him, but they are also goofy together.

Whenever Luffy is in danger, we can see that no one can even touch him, because his friends stop them.

If Zoro gets lost

Zoro is prone to getting lost even if he is told to stand in one place. There was a scene where he was going in one direction only and still ended getting lost.

Other members make fun out of him so it became a running gag in One Piece. Even Luffy made fun out of Zoro.