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Luffy can rely on them

Luffy can always rely on his crew members. After all they are the people he chose and wanted to be friends with. They are aware that Luffy is their captain and they respect him, but they are also goofy together.

Whenever Luffy is in danger, we can see that no one can even touch him, because his friends stop them.

If Zoro gets lost

Zoro is prone to getting lost even if he is told to stand in one place. There was a scene where he was going in one direction only and still ended getting lost.

Other members make fun out of him so it became a running gag in One Piece. Even Luffy made fun out of Zoro.

Respect for Zoro

Zoro almost gave his life to save his frinds, only Brook saw what happened. Sanji saw Zoro covered in blood and was shocked, but understood that he saved them all.

What would have happened if Sanji was on Zoro’s place? I think Sanji would have done the same. Do you agree?

Are they same?

Gol D Roger chose Rayleigh for his first mate, we still don’t know why and all the details about their adventures, but many compare them to Luffy and Zoro. Luffy chose Zoro on a whim and has not regretted it yet.

Did they see something special in them? Luffy saw how kind Zoro was after eating the food from the ground, was that what made Luffy choose Zoro?

Remember this?

Zoro is the calm one, and he rarely listens to anyone, except for Luffy. Despire his nature, he is a great friend for all the other crew mates.

He likes Chopper and respects his medical knowledge, but when he is hurt he never stays still like Chopper commands. Will that ever change?

Is she dead?

Kuina is Zoro’s childhood friend from a dojo. Her father accepted Zoro and trained him together with other students. Kuina was a girl and therefore could never become the world’s best swordsmaster.

She fell down the stairs one day and died, but her body was never shown. Is there maybe something else?

Why Zoro didn’t die?

Zoro was the one who saved all his friends when they were almost beaten to death by Kuma. He begged Kuma to let them live and to only kill him, but Kuma proposed a better solution.

He saw how Zoro was ready to do anything and gave him an opportunity to live.

Zoro’s logic

Is Zoro’s logic twisted? He is usualy the calm one in the crew, he thinks carefully when they all encounter a problem, he was also the one who toldLuffy what to do and how to behave when he was in a fight with Usopp…

But he can also be sarcastic and make us laugh, right?

Zoro learned something new

We only found  out about haki during the time Luffy and others were saving Robin. We saw haki in the very first chapter and the first anime episode, but didn’t know what it was.

Now Mihawk explained something new and that is that you can cover your sword in haki and not only your body.

Do you respect Zoro?

Zoro was ready to do anything for his fallen friends. They were not yet strong enough to fight Kuma, so Zoro fell on his knees and begged Kuma to spare them.

Kuma saw potential and saved them. Now will Sanji try to do the same. He is the only one who saw Zoro in blood, besides Brook.